About Us

Freemasonry is the oldest, largest, best known, and most widespread Fraternity in the world. Its origins have been the subject of much research and discussion among scholars, who generally agree that it predates any written records which are available today. Most Masonic scholars also agree that it has its origins in the operative stonemason lodges which existed in Europe during the Middle Ages. These lodges were created to ensure that people who claimed to be stonemasons were in fact qualified through a deep practical understanding of the craft. They enforced codes of conduct on their members, established means of recognition, and dictated training and testing of apprentices. A lodge had jurisdiction over any stone work in its locale, and therefore also ensured that its stonemasons would have a means to perform their work and earn a livelihood.

During the 1600´s, as the number of great cathedrals under construction began to decline, lodges adopted the practice of admitting men who were not stonemasons into their membership. These members were termed `Speculative´ or `Accepted´ Masons. It was from these groups that modern day Freemasonry had its beginning, and from which the earliest recorded historical artifacts can be identified.

In 1717, a famous meeting was held in London, England, where the four Lodges present agreed to work under a common constitution, and by this act, the first Grand Lodge was created. From this Grand Lodge, many Symbolic and Provincial Grand Lodges were chartered, and today there are over 150 Grand Lodges with a membership of over 6 million members. There are very few places in the world where you cannot find a Masonic Lodge, or locate a Brother.